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“Learn how to make Pita they said”, “It’ll get you married, they said!

The term “Bosanska kuhinja”, meaning Bosnian kitchen, gets me excited!

We are people of many interests, and one thing we always gather around, is food and coffee!

We love to make it, we love to eat it, and we like to share it!

So you are wondering what is, Bosanska kuhinja? It’s a kitchen influenced by Turkish, Mediterranean, and other Balkan cuisines, as well as other Central European kitchens.

Our traditional dishes have been made for hundred of years with the original recipes. We use many spices, meaning, “We season our chicken.”

There are many traditional dishes but if you know how to make “Pita“, you are considered to be “ready for marriage!” It sure puts a twist on ... “a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” All I have to say is YUMMM!

So, if you haven’t gotten that bling, the wait is over! This dish will have him wanting to give you a ring…..ASAP!

Attached, I have made a tutorial for my visual friends.

Will this dish prepare you for marriage? I really can’t say; but, what I will guarantee, you will have fun making it and feeding your entire family for the low-low!

& that, I am sure your future husband will appreciate….

Therefore, more money for shoes!

Love and Respect each other

Her Strenght

Her name is Fatima….

& she was born in early 1944….. yeah, that generation. If you don’t know what that means… well then you are probably too young.

I always had a hard time with questions like “Who do you look up to?”. Until I met her.

You couldn’t convince me I was not a woman before that day. Never mind the fact that I was not yet holding titles such a mother or a wife. Even later discovering how that too, did not make me a woman.

I was 23 when I met her, living next door to my sister’s old place. Over the last decade she has watched me grow into a woman and change to those same titles. I have watched her grow into her mid 70’s. Maybe she holds such a sweet place in my heart because I didn’t much grow up with grandparents. Or, the fact that she watched my son to help me while I worked. She raised a village of children in this city alone.

But how? How can she continue to be this for everybody, when she has buried her own children and husbands. I say plural because it’s more than one. The war was cold to us all, but it was freezing for her. She is a survivor, in more way than one. A breast cancer survivor, a victim of war, and a victim of a brutal attack. But no, she’s not a victim. Her spirit and her soul are so radiant. She shines, even with the little mobility she has, she shines. Her rays of positive energy, even when she is cursing at you (she likes to curse) are felt. Her unpredictable tongue will have you in tears and your stomach in pain.

Now I know who I look up to and why.

I look up to her strength, and her unbroken spirit through this thing we all call life. Because it really is “ten percent of what happens to us and ninety percent of how we react to it.”

In today’s world, we must be able to react better. Because as humans we have a responsibility to lead by example for the future generations and for our planet.

Thank you Fatima, for showing me how to be a better woman and in turn a better human. But most of all thank you God for putting people like Fatima to serve as an example to us all.

Love and Respect each other

Different Points of View

The things we are programmed to believe, and the things we accumulate with every experience in our life, leave such an imprint on us.

It’s April 16th, 2020, where did I think I would be today??

Certainly not in the deserts of Arizona…. At 31, looking under my feet to make sure I don’t step on a Scorpion.

Well, I can’t do much anyhow, not from the ankle injury and not due to COVID-19.

Last time I was in quarantine, was during the war in my home country Bosnia. That was different though, no medical help, no food, or hygiene. I remember going to Nova Gradiska to live in an abandoned home, previously owned by a Serbian family that escaped from Croatia.

So really, this stay at home order doesn’t much bother me. I don’t feel stuck at home, I feel safe at home.

& that for now, that is the deserts of Arizona….. making sure I don’t step on a Scorpion.