About Pretty Dope Paintings

My name is Sladjana, and I am originally from Bosnia & Hercegovina. As a young child I had the privilege to came to America.

As an adult, I have the privilege to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of my happiness.

It’s interesting how that pursuit of happiness can lead you to a destination far beyond your imagination. The path of finding your inner harmony is not only enlightening but free….

My pursuit of happiness led me to create a space for all lovers of art, creativity and color. Come join a fun experience and create a piece that will challenge your inner artist, but will make you proud of what you are able to produce!

Pretty Dope Paintings offers mobile classes ranging from juniors to seniors! All classes are custom to fit your groups needs, or check our calendar to see the next open class.

We offer mobile service, which means we can bring the studio to you for your next event.

Contact us for more details: 480-667-2124