Different Points of View

The things we are programmed to believe, and the things we accumulate with every experience in our life, leave such an imprint on us.

It’s April 16th, 2020, where did I think I would be today??

Certainly not in the deserts of Arizona…. At 31, looking under my feet to make sure I don’t step on a Scorpion.

Well, I can’t do much anyhow, not from the ankle injury and not due to COVID-19.

Last time I was in quarantine, was during the war in my home country Bosnia. That was different though, no medical help, no food, or hygiene. I remember going to Nova Gradiska to live in an abandoned home, previously owned by a Serbian family that escaped from Croatia.

So really, this stay at home order doesn’t much bother me. I don’t feel stuck at home, I feel safe at home.

& that for now, that is the deserts of Arizona….. making sure I don’t step on a Scorpion.

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