“Learn how to make Pita they said”, “It’ll get you married, they said!

The term “Bosanska kuhinja”, meaning Bosnian kitchen, gets me excited!

We are people of many interests, and one thing we always gather around, is food and coffee!

We love to make it, we love to eat it, and we like to share it!

So you are wondering what is, Bosanska kuhinja? It’s a kitchen influenced by Turkish, Mediterranean, and other Balkan cuisines, as well as other Central European kitchens.

Our traditional dishes have been made for hundred of years with the original recipes. We use many spices, meaning, “We season our chicken.”

There are many traditional dishes but if you know how to make “Pita“, you are considered to be “ready for marriage!” It sure puts a twist on ... “a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” All I have to say is YUMMM!

So, if you haven’t gotten that bling, the wait is over! This dish will have him wanting to give you a ring…..ASAP!

Attached, I have made a tutorial for my visual friends.

Will this dish prepare you for marriage? I really can’t say; but, what I will guarantee, you will have fun making it and feeding your entire family for the low-low!

& that, I am sure your future husband will appreciate….

Therefore, more money for shoes!

Love and Respect each other

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